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Congratulations on hitting 1M, Ian!
Looking forward to the next million with your awesome creations!
depotdevoid (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks Mike! I've got several in the bag, just got to find the time to write them up!
bajablue1 year ago
Hola depotdevoid! :-)
Thank you for following me! :)
You have some of the coolest Instrables ever!
depotdevoid (author)  woodfurniture1 year ago
I thank you sir!
haha i like how you said "the depot devoid of thought" a writer i spend a lot of time there lol
that and your awesome starry night mosaic are two good reasons to follow you :)
depotdevoid (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
Thanks! I occasionally decide I'm going to become a writer (of fiction rather than instructables), and usually end up sitting around the depot poking at my laptop until I get bored and wander off to do other projects. I'm pretty good at the technical aspects of writing (grammar, vocabulary, etc.), but sustaining an interesting narrative is like grabbing at dust motes, I just can't seem to do it!
haha yes i often wind up doing similar although i've been writing for a few years now
i have enough ideas its just sometimes putting them on paper etc is simply impossible
depotdevoid (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
Yeah, that's where I get frustrated about it too, I just feel like there are stories inside me that want to get out!
yes it can be very annoying so sometimes i just force myself to write, even though i might not be concentrating. it usually works!
canucksgirl2 years ago
Hey. Thanks for following... I just returned the favor (since you have some very nice ibles). :)
depotdevoid (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
Thanks yourself! You've got a lot of great projects, and you're really active on the website, so I figured I should start following your exploits!
triumphman2 years ago
Were you in pain in that picture or ?
depotdevoid (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Which picture?