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  • Restringing and Tuning a Guitar

    Need strings in proper order Bottom Up EBGDAEor as we used to say Every Bad Girl Deserves An Egg

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  • derflingerflonger commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Simple Fire Piston1 year ago
    Simple Fire Piston

    As long as the gap is tightly taken up by the "O" ring it shouldn't matter too much about tube diameter. I made one using two "O" rings spaced about 3/8", (10 mm) apart. works like the piston in a diesel engine. Great example of pressure induced heat . I love it and you know a lighter never works when you need it . My concern though, judging by some of the comments I've read is whether or not such an incendiary device as this should be in the public domain. Keep on supplying us with great projects. Thanks DJ

    I find a good place to get project materials cheap is or out of date is demolition / used building material yards. Bring your own tube cutter and a short piece of copper pipe is usually next to free. Another good place if one is close to you is The Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They usually have tons of used or donated surplus plumbing or other building materials at low prices.They can usually be found in most major towns and cities.

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