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  • deslok commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Air Conditioner11 months ago
    DIY Air Conditioner

    All of you have valid points. However in my case the electric is included in the rent so it's covered. I would use something like this in my mother's room which stays on the warm side at night. It would be a cost effective way of cooler the room off. (10' by 12') Six 2 liter bottles frozen and put inside should last eight hours I would think. Good build. Simple and low cost.

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  • deslok commented on Bever2's instructable DIY DRILL BIKE1 year ago

    Ok what I don't understand is the removal of the rear brake cable. I don't see anything saying it was replaced. This leaves you with only the front brake to slow or stop. And if there is gravel,sand or oil on the road you will be making use of your health insurance. Basically it's cumbersome and unsafe.

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