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  • Car Wheel Bicycle - the Learn to Weld Project

    I wonder if you could get away with doing an electric conversion on it, with a "generator" of sorts so that as the battery is driving the motor, there's an additional sprocket turning a couple of electric motors that're hooked up in a manner that they'd recharge the battery, so that effectively you'd have an electric scooter with a decent enough range...keeping the gearing and voltage low enough of course that you don't have any terrifying speeds or legal issues with being able to ride it wherever you wanted....

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  • dhyde79 commented on rickdod3's instructable Back Yard Privacy Fence Renovation1 year ago
    Back Yard Privacy Fence Renovation

    question: if/when your dog decides to dig or chew, was that taken into account? there something substantial enough at ground level to make it difficult for the dog to chew through, and, did you consider laying a concrete "base" around the whole of the ground under the fence? (it also serves to make it much easier to do yard maintenance since you don't have to weed eat up against the fence, potentially causing damage as well)

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