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lindarose923 years ago
Thank you for following me! :)
jossmyth6 years ago
Hey Dirty_valentine. I was wondering if you could help me? I'm trying to build a dynamo and USB charger for my iPhone on my bike. I saw you made some comments on the post - http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Charge-Any-USB-Device-by-Riding-Your-Bike/step3/Design-a-circuit/ I'm an electronic newbie and just want to make sure that I'm doing this correctly. I've found a dynamo at - http://www.amazon.com/Generator-Bullet-Bicycle-Light-Chrome/dp/B002VB92I2, and was thinking of using this device to reduce the voltage from 6V to 5V - http://www.micrel.com/page.do?page=/product-info/products/lp2950.shtml. I'm then going to attach an iphone adapter to the low-voltage dropout regulator and that should provide the 5V I need to charge my iphone whilst I am cycling over 4-5mph. How does the above sound? Which one of the regulators on that page do I buy? Can I just buy a regular iPhone cable, strip the wire and then attach it to the regulator? Thanks very much in advance, I really appreciate your help here!! Would be great to be able to keep my phone charged whilst on bike rides!! Jos
Sorry, to give more details, the dynamo outputs 6W/3V
dirty_valentine (author)  jossmyth6 years ago
If the dynamo only outputs 3V you would need a step-up regulator to get 5V. This is much more complicated than the simple linear step down regulator you mentioned above. In reality, the voltage from the dynamo will not be well controlled and will have a wide range of voltages depending on the charging load and how fast the bike is going. Also I think most bike generators are AC, which would require a rectifier to generate DC.
dirty_valentine (author)  jossmyth6 years ago
I will help you out if you would like, but to be honest I would not recommend that an electronic newbie attempt this. A number of thigs can go wrong that would allow a high voltage to be placed on your iPhone which will probably destroy it. It is one thing to risk a cheep MP3 player, but I would not risk an iPhone personally. Let me know if you would still like help, but you will be responsible for the outcome (positive or negative).
ja.dzado7 years ago
I see from your drip garden (I'll probably build one sometime soon; once I get out of this semester of college) that you have a raft system for lettuce. Could you add an instructable on how you built yours? Have you poked around in NFT at all? My initial research told me to go NFT--but my more recent research has suggested a bato/dutch bucket drip system--but I also hear that lettuce and other short/quick plants thrive in NFT.
dirty_valentine (author)  ja.dzado7 years ago
I will add instruction for a lettuce raft if I get time. Right now I'm really busy with other projects. There is an instructable here which is close to what I have:
I use 3" net cups instead of the Styrofoam cups. Also I start my seeds in rockwool starter cubes then place then in the cup with clay balls. I tried the peat pellets but I did not like them - they stayed too wet and I lost plants to rot. Also I added an aquarium air pump and stone to aerorate the nutrients. The Lettuce raft works very well, and I highly recommend it.
dude make more instructables