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a1m91826 days ago

i fond this yesterday. but when I upload the code with board selected at 600KHz, the LED doesn't blink (stays high) that might be the problem with my core installation or board.txt. so I just ignored that and keep searching for previous problems. But now you suggest me this so definitely I am going to give it a try :) and will tell you the results :)

Thank you again!

diy_bloke (author)  a1m91826 days ago

good luck. I can only tell you that the usual Manchester library definitely wont work on the attiny13 and this guy says his program works

a1m91826 days ago

Hello :)

Can you please make the Attiny13 work with Rf 433 transceiver module ? I tried but library is not being compiled when Attiny13 is selected as board.

Thanks :)

diy_bloke (author)  a1m91826 days ago

The library expects 8 or 16 Mhz. The Attiny13 does not have that. You may be helped with this:


diy_bloke (author)  a1m91826 days ago

the library expects 8 or 16 Mhz. The Attiny does not have that

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diy_bloke (author)  Akin Yildiz1 year ago

i replied :-)

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