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jsidhu01233 years ago
Can you please let me know the Ardrone project for color tracking works for ardrone 2?
nice robots
Mrmaxymoo225 years ago
Hi, the first ible of yours I read was the Tamiya tracked robot thing. That was pretty cool, and I like your EZ-B platform. I haven't heard much about the EZ-B, so I guessed it hadn't gotten very popular... Boy was I wrong. I just opened up my new issue of Make, turn to page 66, and who do I see? YOU!! Congrats man!! I hope to see more crazy toy-bots in the future!

Your new subscriber,
mpandian5 years ago
can u tell me about programming
mpandian5 years ago
really i luv robotics can u tell me a simple robot as im a bigner
KaydenST5 years ago
Robots ROCK! They have/will have many uses within the next decade or two in the average persons home. It will start to become UNCOMMON to not see a robot in a persons house.They will benefit us in so many ways. Let's just hope people don't get lazy because "they have a robot to do the work"...
if all you robots were in one room that would be heaven for me, robots are so cool.
Hi, I am working on a project. The project consists of an autonomous robot that can avoid obstacles and sense when these are, and lift up some other wheels(like the I-Robot Negotiator) when it senses an obstacle. Can you give advice on how to carry out this project?

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