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July 25, 2011
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  • Home Theater LED Lighting & Speaker Set-Up

    The concept is fabulous.Your wood working skills are a pleasure to watch. It feels like the LED's needed some finishing - like a nice diffuser to hide the elements and make the light smoother and softer. Wire management is a not fun topic - you did what was acceptable for you and worked quickly. There are other ways to hide wire that look better and are closer to your skill level with the wood working. The barrier strips are really not a problem. They use those in Europe for just about everything. They're the equivalent of European wire nuts.

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  • The Packard Chandelier - I made it at TECHSHOP!

    You might think about LED lights for your next project.Although they are expensive, there are filament LED lamps that look a lot like vintage Edison incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps will use around 40-60 watts each with a fair amount of heat, an LED will use around 4-8 Watts with no heat. These newer lamps have a 2500K color temperature, and output just about the light of a 60 Watt Edison. The previous generation were a little cooler color and output way too much light. When off, the filaments might look cool, or you might not like the look. There are also LED bulbs with a bunch of small LED lamps inside them (look like the starry night style LED). Those are more expensive, but they look way cooler when they are lit up.

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  • dlebryk commented on TreatFactory's instructable TIRAMISU CINNAMON ROLLS1 month ago

    Too funny. If you were really interested, Google is your best friend for this. It would take you 2 minutes to convert everything into cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons. Weight measurements are the most precise for a recipe - the person writing this did a fantastic job making sure exact proportions are achieved. A kitchen scale costs around $10 on Amazon.

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  • Printed Wooden Panels for Your Home (or how to decorate your house like a nerd)

    This is such an awesome idea. An awesome write up of how to do this. You're absolutely right about the vast majority of inkjet printers not working.However pigment based inkjet printers will most likely work. The reason the inkjet print smeared is because it uses dye based inks. They are water soluble even after they are dry. So the water used to rub off the paper dissolved the dye and it smeared.Pigments aren't water soluble, so they should stay stuck to the board. Epson DuraBrite ink (mostly Workforce printers), Canon Pixma Pro printers (a small number of higher end Canon office printers use durable ink), and OfficeJet (NOT DeskJet) HP Professional Durability ink are all pigment based ink. Here is a long list of printer models that use pigment based ink:http://www.avery.com/avery/en_us/Products/Industri...

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