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  • dma47 commented on unclescrooge's instructable Build a CNC router1 week ago
    Build a CNC router

    OK,I'll check it that one out.Just an FYI; get a bigger board, for your work to be placed on, maybe make some "T" slots in it for hold downs. To make those e long gated holes,use a trim router with a straight bit and stops, measure the base of the router and frame around the base,use double stick tape(see The Woodshop show).

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  • dma47 commented on unclescrooge's instructable Build a CNC router2 weeks ago
    Build a CNC router

    I can do most of it,the electronics is another thing.I've made some items;one is a jigsaw that is upside-down with bearings to hold blade straight as it moves vertically.I noticed some spelling and grammar errors(only one "e" in being)some extra letters where they're not needed. Where can I get the circuit boards with components already soldered in place? If you noticed a CNC at Woodcraft/ Rockler etc. that the table has grooves to hold work piece in place...

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      • Build a CNC router
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  • dma47 commented on ChipsWoodShop's instructable Mini Vise in Minutes3 months ago
    Mini Vise in Minutes

    You should give us the positions of the holes in the plywood base(inches from ends and edges for big holes(what size those are,measurements for pilot holes for small wood screws and they're size. How long should the long machine screws be?

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  • dma47 commented on Nikus's instructable $5 Drone Camera Tilter3 months ago
    $5 Drone Camera Tilter

    transcivier? Transceiver

    autput? it's Output!

    autput? I think you meant output. What is the gauge of the wires,are they available through : http://www.gearbest.com/power/pp_235842.html?wid=2...Need a link/place to get a 3D printer(?)

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