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Sept. 22, 2014
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  • First things first:Distance?How many devices connected to the WiFi?Understanding!?You can not increase speed with more or better antennas,only signal quality.People tend to confuse this on a regular base.With a lot of interference from machines or other signal sources a strong signal can help getting good reception and as a result high speeds as not so many errors need correcting (which would otherwise cause the connection to use a lower speed).Quad antennas are directional so they only help to provide a narrow signal beam - everything outside this beam is lost.I experimented quite a bit at my old place to get proper WiFi coverage on the entire property.Name a home made antenna type and I am almost certain I tried it out already LOLDirectional ones gave distance but nothing else.Complicated fractal antennas performed not really much better than a standard stick.What did the trick for me was to read some actual user reviews on older modems.I found a brand new but totally outdated TPLink TP-W8960N for just 30 bucks.Setup as a repeater with the original modems WiFi disabled gave me exactly what I needed and much more.With this modem I got full signal quality in my closed steel garage (workshop) which was about 40m away from the modem.A walking test with my mobile phone showed that I got good coverage for about 50m.Usuable coverage with minimum download speed loss for about 80m and still usuable internet after 100m.Just saying ;) - Downunder35m

    Look up "ddwrt for [insert model number here]"You may be able to install a custom firmware and then increase the output of the wireless antenna. WRT54G(VX) routers are famous for this. - ChickBang

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