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  • Build a Laser 3D Printer - Stereolithography at Home

    New here, but found this bit:Cut three 9" (about 228mm) lengths of ACME rod. File the ends so that the threads are formed well enough to thread into the ACME nuts. You may have to use a small triangle file to form the threads back to a usable shape. We had a retired Tool and Die maker for our High School Metals shop teacher - funny guy, and some of the lessons have stuck for more than four decades.While using a small flat file to dress the cut end of the threaded rod is always a good idea, dressing the threads is simpler: simply run a nut down the rod until it is clear below the level of the cut. As you turn the nut off the new end, it should roll any slightly damaged threads back into alignment.(If you are really worried, use an appropriate sized die instead.)ck

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