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  • dogla commented on thediylife's instructable Simple 3 Phase Arduino Energy Meter3 months ago
    Simple 3 Phase Arduino Energy Meter

    Nice and useful project. How can I adapt this to my 2-phase installation? My mains are 3 wired, phase 1, 2 and Neutral. Does the code need to be modified to read only 2 inputs? Or will the 3rd reading show 0 since there will be no input there at all. What about the schematic, should I just scrap the phase 3 circuit? Or should the other values also be changed accordingly. Reason I want to build this is so I can mount the display near my gate for the utility company to take the readings from, instead of them having to come on to my property to take the readings. What about adding a second LCD to show the total cumulative KWh? And let's say at the time of completing your project your energy meter showed 20500 KWh, how will you tell your Arduino to start counting from that number onward?

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  • Arduino Email Sender with Ethernet adapter/shield

    So how about when I want the Arduino to RECEIVE an email and give a pulse as output? Can it be done with this same setup and other code?

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  • dogla commented on k.biagini's instructable arduino controlled pc power switch9 months ago
    arduino controlled pc power switch

    Hi, Do you HAVE to unplug the two plugs to connect the Arduino to act as power button? Can't you just tap into one of the power button cables so you could still use the physical power button to turn it on and off. I want to integrate the Arduino to receive an ON or OFF instruction via email to remotely turn on my pc when I'm at work, so I can start a Teamviewer session on it.

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  • dogla commented on miclouff's instructable Add LED on your Cordless Drill1 year ago
    Add LED on your Cordless Drill

    So if this is for 9-16V system, will the components be the same if my battery is 18V?

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