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jumpingcat5 years ago
thanks for following me:)
jumpingcat5 years ago
hey domo i subscribed and check out my mavrick what do you think?
Russian roulette
penny mod

what do you think
domo0 (author)  jumpingcat5 years ago
nice u did great.
NatNoBrains5 years ago
Thanks for the sub dude!
ur welcome.
nfk115 years ago
thanks for the sub
domo0 (author)  nfk115 years ago
you are welcome.
TSC5 years ago
Thanks for the sub!!
domo0 (author)  TSC5 years ago
Uk and tsc your welcome.
what dues tsc mean
knuckel6 years ago
check out my nerf mods
MAVREV136 years ago
check out my page new stuff
MAVREV136 years ago
hey dude there is a dude who posted a mod that is NERF Sniper Pistol! we got into a little disagreement and he thinks the nerf maverick sucks comment on it if u think the maverick and longshot frontgun are good.
MAVREV136 years ago
1st bad bow
2nd tw shot
3rd accrate speed loaders
4th sencers
5th barre that shoots darts aarrow rightbrass barral
6th speed loaders 1.5 2.10s and 1. 20