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  • don57 commented on seamster's instructable Impossible Nail in Wooden Block1 year ago
    Impossible Nail in Wooden Block

    Very clever puzzle, by breaking the wood along the grain you avoid tell-tale unnatural lines. BTW: I would like to challenge any of the "cut and glue the nail" people to actually cut a nail in half and seamlessly glue it back together. Wood is porous and glues easily and can be sanded to hide glue seams, steel does not take glue well and even if you could get glue to hold there would be a visible seam.

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  • don57 commented on Captain Greg's instructable Easy Steampunk Goggles1 year ago
    Easy Steampunk Goggles

    Nicely done, your filigree work on the main body reallymakes them pop.

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  • don57 commented on gr8bec's instructable Hellgirl1 year ago

    Great Hellgirl! Just shows that you don't need to spend a fortune to make an impression. Good luck with the Corpse Bride.

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  • Geodesic Dome from Laser-Cut Cardboard

    I see it as more of a play structure than a shelter so I'm less concerned with keeping occupants dry but if you can waterproof the cardboard you can keep a usable dome rather than a sodden heap of paper

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  • don57 commented on shambuda2000's instructable Motorcycle Riding Facemask1 year ago
    Motorcycle Riding Facemask

    I think most Americans would be surprised to discover the the real Guy Fawkes was not the romantic anti-hero we see in V for Vendetta. Today he would be called a religious-terrorist for his failed plot to blow up Parliament.

    Sorry I wasn't trying to criticize your mask, it's actually a very cool project. Just an observation that the English view Guy Fawkes as a bit of a buffoon and of course burn him in effigy every November fifth, amazing what one movie can do.

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  • don57 commented on rstichal's instructable Knots to Know1 year ago
    Knots to Know

    I know other knots but these 3 (and the figure-8) comprise about 99% of the knots I use

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