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Sept. 29, 2016
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  • How to repair Windows 10 recovery loop error without a reinstall

    hi,i tried this and sadly it did not work for me, i still get the infinite loading screen. i tried everything i could think of - updated drivers in save mode, deactivated all the devices the system does not need, tried sfc and dism, tried to downgrade, applied this fix three times, ran multiple chkdsks, gave windows startup repair two tries, but nothing changed. i never had problems like this until yesterday when itunes updated and i needed to restart my computer. my laptop is up to date in terms of windows, there are no new microsoft updates. i have an hp pavilion with intel i7 and an nvidia graphics card. do you have any other ideas what i could do? reinstalling windows is not really an option, since i use my pc primarily for making music and setting everything up again would easily take me a week. thanks in advance!

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