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357magnum2 years ago

please make more instructables yours are awesome.

donttrustthepig (author)  357magnum2 years ago

Thanks man, that means a lot. I'll try to make more. I've been doing a lot of homemade firearms stuff lately and I don't want to get a knock t my door so I'll y to do some more-legal things. I may post how to do red urban canon paint job soon. If you have an instagram, I post ALOT of my stuff on their, you should follow me. Again, that's for the encouragement, I think it's the kick I need to make and post some better stuff. Thanks.

No thank you, you are the reason I made an account. Please help me by giving me your opinion on my first instructables. What do you think I should do. Do you watch demo ranch on you tube.

Thanks for replying to my comment