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  • doodasi commented on Kedar Nimbalkar's instructable How To Make EMP Gun !1 year ago
    How To Make EMP Gun !

    That's just great! Now I need to make a much larger model, and put it on an old harley davidson ironhead with a points ignition system, and zap every cop, and every car I come across. I will be unstoppable. Seriously though. This is a very cool very evil device. You just wait and see. Kids from all over will be making this and zapping cell phones all over the place.

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  • how to perform a three step fuel service + how to make a tool

    I use parts from a universal fuel pressure test kit for adapting to a car. That way you can pritty much do all of them. With all the different pressures of different cars, it is a good idea to use a small adjustable pressure regulator, and guage on the air line. That way you can just use straight compressed air. If you want to get really fancy, you can just use an inline fuel pump, and no air at all.

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