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March 22, 2016
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  • 2-Player Bartop Arcade Machine (Powered by Pi)

    Since I don't see an option to edit my comment, I notice THIS picture has all the correct measurements listedhttp://cdn.instructables.com/FLV/1UXU/I20VV9CV/FLV...The only question I have remaining is, how far above the bottom of the front does the screen cutaway begin? Of course it will depend a bit on what monitor I use, but still knowing a general value to expect would be helpful.

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  • 2-Player Bartop Arcade Machine (Powered by Pi)

    Wow! That art is fantastic, where did you get it done? Is it just adhesive?

    Some of the measurements in the starcade_refsheet seem a bit strange. For example, the horizontal plane of the control panel seems to show 50mm, but the vertical (which is shorter, visually) shows 185.6 with no unit. Is the mm label supposed to be cm, and then the 185.6 is mm? But that doesn't seem plausible either.Is it possible to upload an updated version of the PDF? I suppose I could just ignore that PDF entirely though and use the full-size printouts...

    Do you have any links/guides for those speakers? Particularly if it required any aditional wiring or coding?

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