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  • 10 Life-Changing Life Hacks - You Can Try Right Now!

    The ptoblem with this is that 120 degrees is not hot enough for dishes.

    One of the points made was that this is important informstion if you are driving a different car thsn yours. Especially rental cars.

    The key word here is "often". I an not a stickler on msny things, in fact it would be better if i upped my game where i eould keep things s little more organized. But i am a believer in hottest wster i can stand to do my lsundry and cleaning. I even have to wait about 15 minutes before i can put my hsnds into dish wster ( yes. I actuslly hand wash most if my dishes becsuse i never hsve enough dirty at the same time to use a dishwssher.)

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