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y don't u ever try playing some call of duty? perhaps ghosts or aw. Or go to the roots and play some blops.

I used to play CoD for a while, Mostly Black Ops on the Wii and the first CoD with a couple of friends on PC. Kind of grew bored of it, I guess.
> CoD roots
> Black Ops

did he just say

that black ops

are the roots from cod?




dr. richtofen (author)  Kona-chan13 days ago


Kona-chan15 days ago

for some reason ibles won't let me follow you ;'c


Your knex stuff is pretty badass. And your the name pf one the greatest bad guys in the history of COD zombies.

dr. richtofen (author)  Dr MonkeyMan1 month ago

Thanks! Glad you like the stuff I make!

so youre now an anime person?

dr. richtofen (author)  megustatrains1 month ago

Yeah, I guess. My interest in cartoon horses is very low at the moment. Probably 'cause it's been almost a year since the last season ended.
Oh well. I have animu to keep myself busy, and I'll see if I watch the new season of cartoon horse program when it comes out.

ah ok

*Herp derp*

Blue Mullet 22 months ago

DR P, DR P WELL I'LL BE. Lol pun intended.

HAPPY YEAR OF 2015! Lets make this year full of knex guns! 2014 SUCKED A CUCUMBER! WE CAN DO BETTER!

Spread the news! -BM

dr. richtofen (author)  Blue Mullet 22 months ago

The best wishes for the new year to you as well!

I certainly hope that I can be more active than last year. I've kept myself busy with games, music and anime, so not that much time (and motivation, really) left for K'nex.

I have at least two K'nex things I want to do, so yee.

Oh yeah, if you can play video games and draw then you must have free time! TIME TO BUILD MOAR AND GAME LESS.

dr. richtofen (author)  Blue Mullet 22 months ago

b-b-but muh virtual hats need to be dusted, and I still haven't finished Borderlands 2 :(