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hunter99911 hours ago

Why did you un-follow me? :-( Did I do something wrong? Are my creations bad or getting worse? :-P

dr. richtofen (author)  hunter99910 hours ago

Subscription e-mails haven't been working for months now, so I stayed subbed to people I look at the most, for the rare time that I visit my "you page".
Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong.

Phew! I had a feeling that you un-suubed me because of this whole thing with Nerf and his 'Ibles. :P

Glad to know that wasn't the case.

dr. richtofen (author)  hunter9998 hours ago

Nah. That with Nerf was just me ranting, with Akbar and Didexo apparently agreeing. Nerf probably hates me now, but I don't regret it, as I said what I think, and hope that people see my points, and man up a bit, regarding criticism.

dr. richtofen (author) 1 month ago
Okay, I'm pro :D
Thanks Sandro!
Lets see if I can post GIFs now:
Sorunome1 month ago

Just thought i'd leave this here:

Derpy Crochet
dr. richtofen (author)  Sorunome1 month ago


if i compressed all the working time I would estimate like 5 days :P

myOmy2 months ago

Your builds look great!

dr. richtofen (author)  myOmy2 months ago


No prob!
dr. richtofen (author)  myOmy2 months ago

Do you build stuff too?

The K'NEX Connect G+ page is open now:

...As is the K'NEX Connect G+ Community:

Sorunome9 months ago

oh god this comment is still here?!