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April 29, 2016
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  • drakerus commented on SuperTech-IT's instructable 8X8X8 3D RGB LED Cube4 months ago
    8X8X8 3D RGB LED Cube

    Hello, thx for previously answers. Now I have some additional question. First question is connected with 8 additional resistor for arduino (I have Mega 2560) please let me know how you connect those resistor on your pcb ? Second question relate to music module. Please let me know how it should by connect to mega 2560?? On schematic above we can see A1,A2,A8 and 38, but in arduiono_mega2560_ code there is:pinMode (A0, INPUT); // where we read the analog MSGEQ7's output pinMode (A1, OUTPUT); // MSGEQ7 RESET line pinMode (A2, INPUT); // music mode button pinMode (A3, OUTPUT); // MSGEQ7 strobe line pinMode (A4, INPUT); // animation mode button pinMode (A5, INPUT); // Virtual Gain potentiometerSo please tell me how it should by? And what is virtual gain potentiometer and what have to be connect to A5 pin?Best regards,Darek

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