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rajeevcool75510 months ago

Nice stuffs. Thanks for great instructable. :)

jacksmithcool810 months ago

Let me try with any one LED stuffs. sounds great.

Shankari156210 months ago

Innovative stuffs. Sounds good.

jthomson300010 months ago

Great instructable. Thanks for sharing.

Pantheranat2010 months ago

Nice written about popsicle stick bridge..!!! Great instructable.

danialbell510 months ago

Its innovative information. Great post and thanks for sharing with us.

DJ Radio4 years ago
I've almost forgotten about the great times we had in ibles chat...
happyjo4 years ago
Hello! Thank you for subscribing me back! I really like your business card alternative! :D
yokozuna5 years ago
Wherefore art thou? We have a collab to finish mister.
drinkmorecoffee (author)  yokozuna4 years ago
I am merely distracted! I had almost forgotten about that.... and since it's summer I'm sort of in a creative-writing mood. Thank you sir for reminding me. I shall, as they say, get right on that.
You have inspired me to drink more coffee. Not Starbucks.
wilcurt6 years ago
Are you homeschooled? And I think your guide should be featured! All your stuff is cool.
drinkmorecoffee (author)  wilcurt6 years ago
I was, and thanks!
dombeef6 years ago
What is your favorite coffee flavor?...
drinkmorecoffee (author)  dombeef6 years ago
... It comes in flavors?