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  • Make an interactive iPad controlled LED Wall

    I have tried connecting a string of ws2811s to a pixel pusher but the first pixel is keeping its red colour on all the time. I tried this with a WS2812 strip to the same effect. So if its meant to be black, it's red, if it's meant to be green, it's yellow. Did you face this issue and how could it be solved. What might this be?

    Nope, that didn't work. I'm finding this to be very strange. It is clearly a signal issue since it lights up red on a GRB string and green on an RGB string. It is just the first address/led that's doing this.

    Yes I'm pretty sure the rc file is ok.I set it to be a ws2811, in grb (for the string light) and in rgb (for the strip) order. The string light turns its first led in red and the strip in green. Mine are already swapped. Are yours swapped or did you attach the pin to the data line without swapping? I swapped so I could have data next to ground (+ C D - instead of + D C -)I'll try unswapping it. Great instructable btw.

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