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Jan. 12, 2016
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  • drwhatevs commented on aeray's instructable Cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed plans9 months ago
    Cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed plans

    I made this yesterday in Portland, Oregon. I hate woodworking and am terrible at it and I still wound up with a sturdy, economical, zero wobble bed frame for a very tight fit.I made a twin frame using 4 1x4x12, which gave me 12 36" slats and 8 15" legs pieces with a small scrap, and 2 2x4x8. I used #8 robertson screws because I couldn't find anything shorter than a 2.5" in a #10 that was not phillips head. I did find #10 for the 3" screws. I bought the lumber and had it cut at Mr Plywood and my total cost including fasteners was $35. They have bulk screws but the minimum is 1/4 pound and I bought a pound of the 2" so I have tons left. They only charge 25 cents per cut so the whole project cost me just $5.50 to have cut, which was totally worth it for me as an apartment dweller with no power saw. I wanted it lower to the ground but still good capacity for underbed storage, so I had the legs cut at 15" which yielded approximately 12" clearance, which will fit many commercially available baskets or totes. The 1x4's I used were not super attractive and had some stamps on them. I went in right before closing so I was rushed. I wish I had spent more time selecting my lumber. I had the hardest time assembling the legs holding them square while trying to screw them together was difficult for me. Not sure if there's an easy trick that would've made that part a little less challenging ( a few screws pushed out the side because I had a hard time drilling them straight while holding the pieces square)All in I spent less than 2 hours putting it together.Thank you SO MUCH for posting this project. I was so close to buying a cheapo metal platform frame that probably would have started to bow within a few months.Excuse the mess and weird angle in my photo, I couldn't wait to see the fit in my exactly twin mattress sized space - works great! I am planning to reverse it so the green ends face the wall. Which reminds me - any thoughts about painting after assembly? Or does that disrupt ease of disassembly? Since I made a twin, I don't necessarily need to ever take it apart.

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