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  • duckguy88 commented on realety's instructable Making Compost Tea1 year ago
    Making Compost Tea

    See above response. The aerator is necessary to keep the mix aerobic. Otherwise, you may be hurting your soil more than helping it. Hopefully people understand that this is less a plant fertilizer and more a soil fertilizer. It builds up beneficial bacteria and microbes in the soil that will benefit the garden for much longer than traditional fertilizers! Good instructable. You should play with the mix. We make ours with Bat Guano, fresh compost, worm castings, seaweed extract, molasses, alfalfa meal, fish fertilizer, bone meal, blood meal, fish meal and a couple other little ingredients.

    Im so late to the game. LOL. we have been making compost tea for several years and I have been looking for suggestions regarding tweaking the mix. This one will work, but our recipe is more complex. The aerator is needed for just this reason. The good bacteria that you are after are aerobic (require oxygen). If your tea starts smelling terrible do not use it and aerate it! The aerator needs to remain on until you use up all of the tea. It takes very little time in an anaerobic environment for aerobic bacteria to die.

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