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Jan. 1, 2008
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I am married and retired. Since 1990 my main artform was quilting, but in the past three years I discovered gourd art and that has become my new love. Besides quilting and gourd art, I play mountain dulcimer and often sing on stage with my husband doing the storytelling. I do pencil drawings, make art dolls, do various fiber arts, paint and sc...
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  • dulciquilt commented on Paige Russell's instructable Make Citrus Powder1 month ago
    Make Citrus Powder

    Yes, but you might want to use a tea infuser if you don't care for chewing any that floats. It won't dissolve like the packed stuff. I don't mind the floaty stuff, so personal preference.

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  • dulciquilt commented on VikramA2's instructable Cycle-car6 months ago

    we have something similar. We bought a unit that ties two recumbent bikes together. It was fun, but took more strength than hubby and I had and in some places we traveled, we had to get off and push it up hills.We started with an 18v hub motor in one in the front wheels, but it was small and its battery died quickly.We found two more motors on sale, one 36v and one 48v. We pit them on the back wheels. We are going to turn the front wheel around so we will have a reverse.While using the 36v, we can get to 20+mph and with the 48v, 36mph, both speeds are beyond the safe speed for ours. 12-15 is a better range and it is prone to tip over on turns if you aren't careful.Hubby has knee trouble, so we haven't been able to use it in a couple years, even with the motors, but he just got one new knee and gets second one next month. Hoping we can ride more this summer.I like being able to pedal when we feel like it and use the motor when we get tired, or need to cross a busy intersection.People love seeing us out on it and it's fun seeing folks smile as we ride by...one of thise cute little old couples.....

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