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  • Lithium Polymer Etiquette: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with LiPo

    Having said all that i have a feeling my battery charger is a fault,it never charges lipos verry long,and the charger never wants to charge at what i set it.ive a imax b6 clone and if i set to 4amps for 4000mah battery it charges at about 300mah and gradualy go to 0 then cut off,it does it with all batterys exept the rc lipo,infact probly just the 1s lipo only.

    Hi,does this apply to any lipo battery? even the ones inside gadgets and tablets etcI ask as ive a lipo from a tablet and it says its 4000 mah now it wont take a charge any more than 3 or 400 mah,ive never been able to give a charge to a lipo at what its rated at,i have with the rc lipo batterys,the tablets charger was rated at 500mah with a 4000 mah battery in it!.this is why i ask if none rc battaries should be charged at the mah it says on it.

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  • AT command mode of HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth module

    MAKES NO SENCE ARDUINO RX AND TX PINS ARE NOT 10 AND 11 THEY 0 AND 1 Connection overview:HC05 USB to TTL ArduinoVcc Vcc VccRx Tx pin 11Tx Rx pin 10Gnd Gnd Gndkey Vcc pin 9HC06 USB to TTLVcc VccRx TxTx RxGnd Gnd

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  • ESP8266 Wi fi module explain and connection

    Hi can this esp8266 be used to surf the web like normal? just wondering how to do it,i think it needs a driver to do so,can any one help me with this? ive got the devkit board so it has usb etc thanks

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