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  • dwroboheadz commented on laith mohamed's instructable Hologram9 months ago

    Much prefer making these with nylon/plastic over CD covers. I love this effect so much I made an app (http://getholovid) for iPhone to let you play your own videos too - Hope some find it useful! Dave

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  • dwroboheadz commented on harit bandi's instructable HOLOGRAM a glimpse of future 9 months ago
    HOLOGRAM a glimpse of future

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you could use my app - HoloVid. This lets you use any video or photo from your camera roll as a hologram with one of these projectors! http://www.getholovid.com . Cheers, Dave

    You could try my app HoloVid (http://www.getholovid.com), if you're on iPhone/iPad. You can use any video or photo on your phone with a display like this. Thanks, Dave

    HoloVid lets you do this on iPhone :)

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