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Is it even possible to make a virus that can be attached to e-mails and all they do is play a little flash video on the other person's screen after a bit of delay...then crash the computer? Me friend keeps saying he's going to send me one.
dynamite boy (author)  coolnamehere7 years ago
it is very possible but real hackers dont parade around saying "im gonna send u a windows bomb!". there just stupid.so he probably wont.
noob-7 years ago
im kinda a noob. lol but im really trying to learn. im gonna go to school to study computer engineering. i really want to learn how to make a virus... u said something a bout a world wide virus? thats something. and about a secret chat room? id like to know. please dont crash my computer...lol i wont expose anyone on that chatroom...
littleninja8 years ago
Hi dynamite boy I'm a hacker as well I also do ninjutsu which involves chemicals and explosives. whats this hacking website your talking about? ps: Ninjutsu restricts me putting any chemical or explosive techniques on the web.
dynamite boy (author) 9 years ago
my new invention the pen tube shooter