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Feb. 22, 2011
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  • eUser9999 commented on Moem's instructable Itch-B-Gone1 month ago

    That method follows from the theory (or fact, I don't know) that the poison in a mosquito bite is very sensitive to temperature - the theory is that the poison is neutralized if heated to some point higher than normal body temperature, but thankfully before the point of damaging your skin & muscle. I bought a product called "Therapik" that uses this idea ... I was never really sure whether it had worked or not, because it usually took a while for me to find the thing, and by that point I wasn't sure whether the product had worked, or the bite was just subsiding on its own. From the Gizmodo review of the product: "It works on the principle that most insect venom is thermolabile (sensitive to heat)." So, there you go ... a hot spoon, or a $20 gizmo, either way you're heating the venom as much as you can stand, and hoping the heat 'kills' it.

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