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  • eboz64 commented on momoluv's instructable How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!3 months ago
    How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!

    Lmao - it's amazing how people can make me so angry AND just crack me up all at the same time! Why can't people just either say "wow, that's an awesome idea", or if they don't agree, just move on? My mother always taught me that if you didn't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. If you think someone's idea is stupid, or too much trouble, or ineffective, or someone used the incorrect tense, or spelled a word incorrectly, whatever, why not just think it in your head and continue on? Why stir up sh*t, or make someone who's just trying to share their experience and help someone else feel bad or inferior for doing so?

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