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    EddyJ21 year ago

    Solar panel wire connectors; the problem with wires being connected together, is corrision cause by moisture and water.....and those black bionet-attacments connectors are very clumpsy and not sealing properly either..

    This system here, that I use now, after having tried lots of options.......is 100 % sealed, not water or moisture in. But you must do it properly when you connect them, and the super-clue shown here is only to make sure they are stuck fast.....later you must add silicon (water-proof) - and the price of those is close to nothing..... The plastic tube must of course fit exactly to the outer dimention on the cable. If the tube is slightly diff. to slide in, you can heat it carefully with a lighter. Push and press the second cable end properly and hard into the other, making sure that they are connected, and the brass - must be brass - or copper - pin, is doing its connecting work along with the wire....... I have just tested this in water and outside wet nights over weeks - there is now water coming in; and the wire stays clean. Good luck. www.sxu.se