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  • eisnic commented on In The Kitchen With Matt's instructable Perfect French Fries8 months ago
    Perfect French Fries

    Good on you Matt. Keeping the skins also raises the nutrition value, and I do appreciate a thicker cut fry of the sort you make. AlfieE2 brings me back: I grew up in Eastern Ontario where chip trucks were a fixture. How they managed to tear around town without having deep fryer disasters is a mystery. And I recall that they preferred to use 'older' potatoes, not the hardest and newest, to get a better result. I came to like them best with malt vinegar, and occasionally, balsamic. The mayonnaise thing I picked up from a Dutch guy, but that's different mayonnaise than the very white standard stuff. It was was distinctly off-white/creamy yellow, probably due to including more egg yolk, and the taste was much richer than the standard product. Now I'm dying for some!

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  • eisnic commented on seamster's instructable Build a wooden fence and gate1 year ago
    Build a wooden fence and gate

    Looks like work I need to do, and very well done at that. Seamster you mention the difficulty with the post holes. As you are 'beside a Rocky Mtn,' are you in the NW US? Soil columns have lots of glacial till in the northern US, i.e.: full of cobbles. So, did you then go for shallow & wide post holes? How deep did you go, and is depth to base of winter frost a concern? I'm in southern Alberta, and I'll think I'll have to hire a power auger for the job.Rickdod3's south Illinoisan location probably puts him safely past the southern limit of the appropriately named 'Illinoisan' glacial advance, so he's in nice alluvial soils: location, location, location.

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