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  • eisnic commented on seamster's instructable Build a wooden fence and gate9 months ago
    Build a wooden fence and gate

    Looks like work I need to do, and very well done at that. Seamster you mention the difficulty with the post holes. As you are 'beside a Rocky Mtn,' are you in the NW US? Soil columns have lots of glacial till in the northern US, i.e.: full of cobbles. So, did you then go for shallow & wide post holes? How deep did you go, and is depth to base of winter frost a concern? I'm in southern Alberta, and I'll think I'll have to hire a power auger for the job.Rickdod3's south Illinoisan location probably puts him safely past the southern limit of the appropriately named 'Illinoisan' glacial advance, so he's in nice alluvial soils: location, location, location.

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