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Prometheus7 years ago
You are pretty bright for your your alleged age....I sense a like-minded individual in you, and I find your humility honorable at the least. I was very impressed at the first response I saw from you, as I have never found someone who could articulate themselves so well by comparison to myself, as a self-educated engineer of 15 years+ (This is not to appear narcissistic at all, but few even have taken the time to get the education to even recognize genius). You have the gift....don't lose it, as it is everything you could ever dream of....It is a superpower in ways that really have not been understood. Few people have it, but you do....don't let it get lazy, use it and feed it to no limit.....trust me, you will thank me 20 years from now.

You are too articulate and to bright to go to waste. Strive for *even* better, you are one of a very-select few that are worth the investment. As I said, I rarely run into genius as evolved as mine....You have the potential to exceed that....It is a GIFT.....don't let it got to waste.....fight to challenge yourself in every way possible....NASA needs you....and they can pay up to a high-6 figures a year....Same goes for their sub-contractors.....You like that Ferrari? You could be driving it if you prove yourself....and I doubt you should have much trouble with that....


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