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  • erik237 commented on Brooklyntonia's instructable Mod a Vinyl Art Toy With Sculpey3 months ago
    Mod a Vinyl Art Toy With Sculpey

    Hi! Great Instructable, love all the photos and the figures look really great. I suppose the figure doesn't melt in the oven because of the low temperature? I tried this with a Star Wars figure once, and I think the temp was too high. I am surely going to try this.

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  • erik237 commented on ShaunM11's instructable My First Knife | Learning Metalworking6 months ago
    My First Knife | Learning Metalworking

    Hi! Looks like you have a carbide-tipped saw blade. The main part of that blade is not made to be sharpened, just the carbide. Next time use an old fashioned steel saw blade. The steel saw blades are made to hold an edge. High speed steel or molybdenum, or some such metal. Do get an angle grinder. First knife is a great trophy! Congrats!

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