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June 1, 2014
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  • Bubble-Free Resin Casts with Modified Paint Tank

    If you can't find or afford the crystal you want, you could also make it using plaster. Pour a block, rough-cut it with a junky saw, finish the flats by wet-sanding with sandpaper glued to a board. (you'll go through some sandpaper doing it, which is one reason why you probably don't want to use a sander with its expensive belts) You can fill any holes with more plaster. Wash all the dust off, let it dry completely, wax it good with paste wax and buff. You're good to go, and the wax should act well as a release.

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  • eruger commented on gneedel's instructable How to design and build a combat robot2 months ago
    How to design and build a combat robot

    I haven't built or run one, but this is what I've seen in the most recent battles: Flamethrowers (and Brutus' zirc guns) seem to be more about flash and crowd appeal than doing actual damage. I've never seen a flamethrower actually do significant damage. That could change if they start allowing flamethrower fuel that sticks to the opponent (napalm for example). They may help with the psychological battle, and/or interfering with the opponent's ability to see. In the lighter weights, where improvised an lightweight foam wheels are common, a flamethrower might cause wheel damage, but I've never seen it. Right now, the low-slung wide spinner drums seem to be the most damaging, but flippers often win by getting their opponent into a position where they're disabled or by throwing them entirely out of the ring. Powerful ones can also cause considerable damage when the flipped bot crashes back down. Shock protection for your internal components seems critical! I can't figure out if this 'Ible has been updated. If not, I'd love to see a new one.

    How recently was this updated?

    Great Instructable! How recently was it updated? If not recently, I'd love to see an update now that it's back on TV! Thanks!

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  • eruger commented on splnlss's instructable Build an Infrasonic Subwoofer3 months ago
    Build an Infrasonic Subwoofer

    Infrasound, particularly around 17hz, has been detected as cause in several known 'ghost spots'. It's been demonstrated to cause chills, unease, minor paranoia, sudden sadness, and even slight hallucinations in the peripheral vision.

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