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  • esotericeric commented on Rama Rekto's instructable DIY Self-Balancing One Wheel Vehicle4 months ago
    DIY Self-Balancing One Wheel Vehicle

    Are you controlling it with the "leash", or is that just to stop it running away when you get off ?

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  • 3W 4'x4' Arduino Laser Cutter/Engraver

    Not being familiar with fritzing diagrams, I guess that I mistook what is the power in icon to be the laser, and I assumed that the diode icon was indeed an LED , whereas in fact I now realize that it's the laser . So now I have things straightened out (maybe)Sorry for being dumb :-)

    Did you ever sort out where the power supply is connected? Several people asked this question, but never got a reply , and I have the same question. Is everything - laser, Arduino, motors run from the same power supply?

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