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Dear evilmadcow,

You seem very knowledgeable about rockets as seen from your comments on several rocket based threads. I am new to instructables but not to DIY, and i wish that you could tell me the problems with this lunar lander.
Space craft.bmp
one: how are you going to slow out the lander to the moon? I see no manner of propulsion or otherwise.
two: do you realize that lunar rocks have almost no value compared to meteorites, which be worth 30 times more than gold by mass?
three: where the heck are you going to get all your fuel, metals, etc? it seems like the scale would be larger than the Saturn five.
hehehe you really know your stuff, i've spent the last month or so working on how to make it better. the final design should be done sometime soon.
the big problems with your lunar lander that i see after a second glance are these:
you've designed it like a model rocket. fins are not needed after the first stage.
you have only three stages, and that's pushing it, as the third has no engine.
you are trying to land it on the moon like in a cartoon. in real life, that doesn't work.
you have no systems in place for a water landing, which is the most likely scenario.
moon rocks would not be taken by the cdc, as it's a well known fact that everything on the moon is dead,
you can't use an object like a rocket that just hit apogee as a launch pad!
it really is just more effective to make a giant, truck tow-able, metal dectector, which would give you an equal, if not beter output.