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  • Gin From Scratch (Vapour Infused)

    Ok I am reading your last part here and I have an answer for you on the clear water and clear gin but when you mix them they get cloudy. This is because you still have some oils in the Gin. Its most dominant when you add star anise to your botanicals. The effect is similar to what happens when you drink Greek Uzo and you mix the Uzo with water. Best thing to avoid it is to ensure the Gin is completely cooled down. Gin and water must have same cool temperature at best to prevent the cloud.

    Thanks for the instructions. I have been making Gin for years but always too afraid of making my own alcohol so i have been using a forms of steep method but I buy a bottle of Absolut Vodka (100proof) and add the botanicals to that for about 2 weeks before distilling it on my stove in a lobster pot which has a small bowl inside thats raised from the bottom and the pot is closed off with an aluminum bowl packt with ice water. The resulting infused alcohol is then watered down with Fiji water. Anyhow, my question is about the first 100ML. How do you know its the 100ml? is this based on the size of your wash? so would it be 50ml if i make a wash half your size or is this 100ml standard to some extend?

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