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ewilhelm (author) 7 years ago
Hi everyone! Since we launched the community help forum category people have been getting answers to their questions faster than asking them here because more people besides me can help. So, if you have a question about the site, check out the
Author Help
or changing your username.
ewilhelm (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
If you'd like to help welcome new users, or respond to their first comments, check out How to Help Out Around Instructables.
iceng ewilhelm1 year ago

In a closet of all places to drop NIB to demo EDB

You the created Instructables. You're awesome!

That is an under-estimation :)

Hi, I made an account to download to a pdf of an instructable but it said I needed to go pro (a bit like that oral b commercial haha) If you could please delete my account I would really appreciate it. Cheers

johntime99997 months ago


hawkstone7319 months ago

Nice place you people have here, I think I'll stay a while--or until I'm asked to leave.

Ewilhelm looks like he's having way too much fun. I hope it's contagious.

iceng1 year ago

A bit late but can you please send me one and I will work harder on the sand Thumper :-D

Tkiller5091 year ago


Sir i want a code for propeller display using led's with arduino.... simple code for displaying my name "Farah Tauseef"... no sensor is used..only fan, arduino and led's are there in my project...

kindly reply ... it's urgent..

phenoptix2 years ago

Cool still suit. I also liked the Willy Wonka-esque purple suit in the 25 Makers article. Great to see instructables going from strength to strength. Keep up the good work and great style choices!

I can't decide if I'm more disturbed by the string up your nose, or by the blue in the whites of your eyes (I mean, I like blue, but I don't think eyes are supposed to do that...). :P

Dear_Shashi2 years ago
you are awesome man, i read about you, i really mad about electronics and DIY and you made INSTRUCTABLES. Thanks........
laxap2 years ago
Cool Fremen avatar!