extreme builder

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~Aeronous~6 years ago
I like you. your innovative!
 yes he is very innactive lol
That has got to be in the top 5 worst puns.
what does that mean
the bb one broke on me T^T
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
hey everyone,
check out my youtube page
OMG Your subscribed to Fred and all of the disney (beep)? And I thought you were one of the greatest k'nexers. T.T

One word.


Get a life. =P
NYPA Owenmon6 years ago
Owenmon NYPA6 years ago
At least you don't like Fred. do you? x.x
NYPA Owenmon6 years ago
Oh gosh, no! He has gone over the top. He has FRED DOLLS. Besides, he will get destroyed because he's second on the most subscribed.
Owenmon NYPA6 years ago
Yes. Hot topic is overrated. =P
Owenmon NYPA6 years ago
sigh -.-
NYPA Owenmon6 years ago
And smosh.