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eyebot117 (author) 3 years ago
Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything on this, but I might as well let you know what I'm up to! :)

I'm currently in the process of documenting and finishing a true night vision scope that I built for under $200 that will surpass a gen 3 NVG in terms of gain. I'm basically just working out how to mount it on my airsoft gun, add a reticle, and add a system to adjust windage and elevation. Hopefully, I won't get team picked last at the next night game! I'll publish an instructable soon, but I'm a little nervous since it is night vision and it can be weapon mounted. I might just detail how to build a generic spotter instead. We'll see. All I know is I'll be done with it fairly soon!
dombeef5 years ago
From seeing the notebooks that you made, you might like my lastly made instructable, I am making a step by step soon for a regular sized sketchbook
eyebot117 (author) 7 years ago
I hope that someday I'll be featured...
And now we know that it takes 22 months and 26 days for wishes to come true!

...I think.
eyebot117 (author) 5 years ago
I've finally been featured! Hooray! Let me check this off of my bucket list... done!
eyebot117 (author) 6 years ago
My sketchbook looks great. I got 18 professional design markers for christmas, and the plastic holder they came in is falling apart..... So I'm making a holder for them next (from cardboard, of course). I intend for the holder to be radial, and with the ability to revolve around an axis. I'll probably make three 60-degree cover pieces (each smaller than the next) that cover the holder, and can fit inside eachother. A handle on the largest outermost will probably come as well. I can't wait to get started!
Picture 056.jpg
eyebot117 (author)  eyebot1176 years ago
Finished the marker holder. Now I'm just refining the prototype, and adding details. It'll be amazing.
eyebot117 (author) 6 years ago
eyebot117 (author) 6 years ago
I have a website! Join for free! It's fun! Learn about us! Here!- www.freewebs.com/eyebot/
eyebot117 (author) 7 years ago
Had an idea today. I think I'm going to make armor that attaches to the outside of the plates on my costume. There are several types of armor- air (pneumo)-white fire (pyro)-red combustion (dynamo)-orange shock (electro)-yellow nuclear (nuclear)-yellow green chemical (venom)-green ice (cryo)-light blue sound (phono)-turquoise water (hydro)-blue time/space (chrono)-blue violet ectoplasmic (phantom)-violet electromagnetic (polar)-pink silver (murcury)-grey light (photo)-mixed/different colors dark (black)-no colors (off) I simply have to make attachable pieces of armor for each one, and strap it to the costume whenever I want to have an armor type, and change the helmet iris/suit LED color to whatever I want. So if I want to be "venom", all I have to do is make "venom" armor that goes on top of the suit, and connect battery to the LED's in the "venom" armor. (yes, I am a little obsessed aren't I)
eyebot117 (author)  eyebot1177 years ago
I think I'm going to start with VENOM. Here's a pic of a VENOM eyebot!!!
eyebot117 (author)  eyebot1176 years ago
That was then. Here's now!
eyebot117 (author)  dombeef7 years ago
Do you have any idea where I could find foam blocks? I need some for the head. The head frame I made (shown somewhere below) is too small (the body's too small too, but I can adjust that), and I need to redo it. Any idea of something I could carve the chape out of, fiberglass, and then pick/pluck/or even burn the inside away with?
What kind of foam? styrofoam?