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July 26, 2015
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  • fairygrandma1 commented on audreyobscura's instructable World's easiest silicone mold.2 months ago
    World's easiest silicone mold.

    G'Day from Down Under,So I've been scrolling through all of the suggestions and replies, yet not one mentions how long these molds will last? Different sites stated that their molds shrunk after only a few days, I also live in a hot-temperate zone so will the weather effect it at all? I am just beginning to teach myself to sculpt, at the moment I'm using salt-dough to get a feel for the craft and to push my abilities. I have managed to create the exact item that I wanted (no-one more surprised than self!!). It is still in the air-drying stage and I'd really like to create this image repeatedly as my signature piece. Can anyone advise me of a permanent molding recipe please? My main piece is 15" x 1.5" x 3.5" (or, in Aussie speak: 30cm x 4cm x 9cm), it will be having extensions of varying sizes at a later date (like wings, branches, roots etc), it has a flat base and is intended to be hot-glued onto a canvas as part of a multidimensional artwork. I am still in toddler mode here (aka knows nothing!) and not sure yet whether the salt-dough will be appropriate or whether I will be progressing to the big girl's sandpit (I'm 55 years young!!) and using air-dried clay. I need for the result to be light enough to stay fixed to the canvas (any suggestions as to other more suitable material to use please stand forward!). I am unable to bake or fire the piece as it is just big enough to be too big to fit in my oven and I don't want to be stuffing around making half bits. I am VERY new to this field so please feel free to throw lots of well-meaning advice, I'm an Aussie, we eat well-meaning advice for brekky! Thanking you all in advance, your help is MUCH appreciated.Erynne Baynes,Queensland, Australia.

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