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Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Hi. Whats up with your website?
farzadbayan (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
That give you Flash Clocks Widget for show in your blog . That will be change more very soon ! (From SWF to PHP)
farzadbayan (author)  farzadbayan5 years ago
I change it . Now you can visit Milimeter.ir !
- Webtime is under construction !
Ok. Are you from America?
farzadbayan (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
No .
Where do you reside?
farzadbayan (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Cool! I live in the U.S.
Acepilot425 years ago
my bad i thought you gave me version 1.6!
farzadbayan (author)  Acepilot425 years ago
No problem , also I found this patch for you . I think it's version 1.6 , but if you have problem with this patch , I can't help you ! I think it's better for you to send your problem in BF forums .
my broblem is downloading 266 mb on dial up!
farzadbayan (author)  Acepilot425 years ago
Oh ... ! Sorry man !
Also I have a suggestion for you : Don't stay on BT1942 , Play BT2 and enjoy more !