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March 14, 2009
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  • fazgard commented on RadioBracknell's instructable Extra Ram Using a Thumb Drive10 months ago
    Extra Ram Using a Thumb Drive

    I've used it successfully with 8gig SD cards.

    Since there's a pile of Nay-sayers, I'll take the time out to comment.The above is simply use of readyboost.I've successfully used this technique successfully in with many of the old N450-era Netbooks. Upgrade memory from 1g to 2g stick, insert an 8gig SD card and enable readyboost, and bam.. it's a little screamer. The performance upgrade for overall system and windows page files was significant.Pros:1. It does work well, and as advertised with the correct type flash memory.2. It works best with SD cards, and not off the USB bus.3. The simplest test In the WIn7 world of desktop gadgets, you can actually see that the ram usage % / processor load % previous to using readyboost would be high , and drop to 1/2 scale % for both after using a SD as readyboost in normal operations. There are many ways to measure performance, this is a simple example.Cons:1. It doesn't work / would be pointless with SSD's, only the older slower HD's.2. It only works with certain types of NAND flash memory. If an inserted flash is not usable, you won't have the option to enable readyboost.3. Using a USB drive - it would be sticking out in the way, and hogging one of the few USB ports available on the older netbooks that it works well on.Takeaway - In my memory of it, the concept was not really for 'extra ram' but for extra performance. If you're a multi-tab-open-kinda-guy it helps dramatically on the older computers with slow hard drives.. as windows now will use the readyboost drive for it's page files instead of competing with normal data transfers from the hard drive.Cheers.


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