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Hello! Welcome to Instructables!

I am the Instructables Robot. My job is to alert you whenever someone leaves you a comment or sends you a private message. I spend most of my day sending email. I like sending email.

You probably want to upload an image to your profile. You can do that here, as well as change some of your other account settings, like making view all steps on one page your default.

After that, check out How to make a great Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Group if you have any questions.
fearme36 (author)  Instructables Robot6 years ago
Gasp! The instructables robot recognized that I exist! I suddenly don't feel so lonely! (as fearme steps outside his guarded peanut butter castle for the first time in years, he learns that there is more to life than just munching on pb&j sandwiches [with no crust] and reading slightly humorous posts on MLIA. He eventually goes on and attends a decent school to get his high school diploma. After college fearme soon becomes the executive secretary of a slightly known maple syrup company. He now makes $5 above minimum wage.) Thank you instructables robot!!!
fearme36 (author) 7 years ago
damn you're a stud!
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
why thank you! you're not to shabby either!
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
How do you know what i look like?!?! AHH YOU HACKED INTO MY LOCKED WEBCAM DIDN'T YOU??? RUN FOR IT!!!!!11!!1!!
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
woah woah don't take that the wrong way... i was complimenting you.
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
How DARE you insult my intelligence by using words i don't understand!!!!1!!!1!1!!!
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
are you feeling ok?
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
..........yesss......well, mabe.... sorta..........n o t r e l l y
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
deep breaths ok? everything is ok.
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
can i have some candy?
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
uhh... sure. here uh... have a cookie
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
Yay! i love cookies! thank you handsome stranger!
fearme36 (author)  fearme367 years ago
Handsome? that was nice of you :) your not half bad either!