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Nov. 15, 2014
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  • firewolf25 commented on JulianV20's instructable Bounce Scooter3 months ago
    Bounce Scooter

    Day 215: Still trying to figure out how ankles have not been shattered. Abilities beyond previous belief, all cataloged.No but seriously, cool idea! I'd try it, but I don't have a scooter. Or a trampoline. But, it's still a cool idea, good job.

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  • firewolf25 commented on Dave Hax's instructable Matchbox Microphone4 months ago
    Matchbox Microphone

    For those of you wondering, you can use metal instead of pencil lead. I've been experimenting with two paper clips as the connections and different materials as the free-floating part, and have found something that should be discussed. I first tried 3 paper clips stripped across the bridge, with 4 AA batteries hooked up to it in series. I could only hear loud bumps and buzzing. After experimenting and reducing to two AA batteries and only using 1 paper clip, I found that if I talked very quietly, I could hear what I said - but it was still bugging out my headphones. I then attempted a piece of aluminum foil folded accordion - style. It was so loud that it made loud bumps on my headphones and hurt my ears. The reason graphite doesn't do this is because, though it conducts electricity, it acts as a resistor; as in, it makes it much harder for electricity to flow through it. In conclusion, to use metal instead of graphite, you will either want to hook up a customized circuit to reduce the current, or, for those of you who can't, if you use a 1.5v AA battery with two paper clips as the connections and a paper clip across the middle for the actual microphone part, using a 200 ohm resistor (Or 220 ohm resistor) hooked up on the positive lead of the battery will bring the amps down to 7.5 amps, (or 6.8 amps) and will hopefully prevent your headphones or speaker from blowing out. SERIOUS NOTE: I am still new to calculating resistance, and this is all theory until I have a chance to actually get some resistors, so use headphones that you don't care whether or not they are destroyed, and DO NOT PLUG INTO AN ELECTRONIC unless you are ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT that it is safe, or else you may just ruin ports on your computer or other device. Hope this helps!

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