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  • flamfacts commented on Kandrix's instructable DIY 15 Watt Stereo Amplifier (Portable)11 months ago
    DIY 15 Watt Stereo Amplifier (Portable)

    Nice one, and full marks for trying, but you might want to review your power supply to get the best out of your amplifier. The supplier where you bought the booster says 1A is optimum current without overheating, so keeping things super simple, you have 5V at 1A input, i.e. 5W. You boost this to 12V so now you have 5W/12V giving you at best 400mA output! 60mA of that is needed just to have the amplifier switched ON, leaving you with 340mA or 170mA per channel. Even if you could deliver every milliamp to the 8ohm speakers you would only have 0.23W output per speaker, so your thick output wires are kind of wasted. But if you are happy with it then... mission accomplished!

    I'm really surprised at your 13W from the booster considering the spec the suppliers gave, but you did the measurements, so who am I, etc.? Anyway, those were my thoughts on the matter, and I am not judging you. I was just looking at the fat wires on the output and the relatively small ones on the input and scratched my head a bit. Anyway, thanks for sharing but you might possibly change the heading to scale it back a bit (?). ;-)

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