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  • Programming a HTTP Server on ESP-8266-12E

    brill one again! Went straight through ok. Only had to change board to wemos and not the nodemcu. Oh and for mine LED_BUILTIN used instead of LED_PIN. Created another line to make the led blink too..else if (request.indexOf("/BLINK") !=-1){ for(int t=0;t<10;++t){ digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW); delay(1000); digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); delay(500); }and the little buttons on the page are really cool for a start. I didn't know you could do that within the arduino sketch!Thanks agin :-D

    just a few pics of my setuperish

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  • Programming the ESP8266 WeMos-D1R2 using Arduino software/IDE

    Brilliant tute, uploading to my WeMos before this, I was getting header, exit code 1 errors. I renamed the arduino15 to something different and loaded the IDE up, copied the link to the preferences etc...loaded the blink.....YAY!! it's working again.Thanks a mil.

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